Breaking the Stigma: Racism, the Opioid Endemic, Lies, and Inviting Grandma to the Dispensary by Charlena Berry

About the Book:

Are you a dispensary who is looking to increase your sales? Are you a budtender who is looking to advance your career? Are you looking to open a cannabis store in your state? If so, Breaking the Stigma is the book for you!

As a cannabis retailer, you face the same challenges as every business today, but there are more obstacles for you than the local brick-and-mortar shops or dominating online stores.

Being successful means creating a customer experience fueled by a thorough understanding of the consumer. For retailers in the still newly forming cannabis industry, this knowledge only comes from breaking through barriers of a deeply ingrained stigma—one with catastrophic consequences.

In Breaking the Stigma, Fortune 500 business executive Charlena Berry provides a framework for becoming a prosperous cannabis retailer, showing you how to overcome your product’s negative connotations and impart vital, need-to-know truths about your industry. With first-hand experience with the devastating opioid endemic, Charlena’s fight for cannabis’s legitimacy is a personal one. She shares decades of business insight to show you how to gain market share using traditional retail strategies to improve the customer experience and ultimately gain profitability. Insure your business and product sustainability and be part of the solution to society’s deadliest problem with this emotionally driven, fact-based strategy for long-term success.


“If there ever was a book that could be named the number one how-to guide on starting your own cannabis business, this would be it. This book covers so much more than just the selling of cannabis…Not only does Charlena talk about the stigma of cannabis, she also gives the readers a solution to the problem. Most of the book contains a full business plan of how to create your own cannabis business. This book is like a gold mine for the entrepreneur! With chapters on customer service, leadership, branding, merchandising, omnichannels, marketing, and story operations, Charlena has literally built a business for anyone who wants to give it a shot.”

~  Kristi Elizabeth, San Francisco Book Review

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“The stigma of cannabis is one of the biggest barriers we face as retailers,’ writes Berry, a former Fortune 500 executive who now operates a cannabis business consultancy. This informative book begins with the author’s sobering admission that she got interested in medical marijuana when she witnessed opioid addiction in her own family…Having addressed the negative perceptions and positive impacts of cannabis, Berry turns her attention to the retail side in the book’s remaining chapters. She covers customer relationships, leadership, branding, service, merchandising, omnichannel, marketing, and store operations; in short, it’s a comprehensive menu of what any retailer needs to know, with a specific focus on selling marijuana.”

~ Kirkus

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About the Author:

Charlena Berry is the author of Breaking the Stigma: Racism, Lies, the Opioid Endemic, and Inviting Grandma to the Dispensary. In this book, she exposes lies that created the stigmas associated with cannabis, and how these stigmas must be addressed to see continued growth in the marketplace. She then outlines a framework that provides key strategies for retailers to implement to improve the customer experience and increase profitability.

Writing from her experiences in the industry, Berry is a global cannabis business executive and the founder of Cannabis Business Growth, a premier cannabis business consulting firm. Prior to that, she spent more than a decade in Supply Chain and Retail Operations for Fortune 500 companies like Whirlpool and Office Depot/Office Max.


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