50 Ways to Love Wine More by Jim Laughren

About the Book:

Winner-Best Wine Book, National Indie Excellence Award; Winner-Best Cookbook, Independent Press Award; Winner-Best Design, NYC Big Book Award. Finalist-USA American Book Fest Awards; Finalist-Foreword Indies.

Wine appreciation as it was meant to be. No textbook necessary, just open arms and a mind and palate ready to explore. 50 Ways to Love Wine More is about discovering wine on your terms, at your pace, with your friends and fellow wine lovers. Let your ideas and desires intersect with the wonder of wine to enhance and expand your wine knowledge and appreciation.

Author Jim Laughren, a certified wine educator–and certifiable oenophile–shares the insights and lessons learned from 20+ years as a wine importer, distributor, collector, consultant and confirmed aficionado. He reaffirms what is important about wine and our relationship to it. With this foundation to build on, the details, the history, the geography, the art, and the science of wine are easy to assemble and appreciate.

While 50 Ways to Love Wine More is brimming with facts and “vintellect” on a wide variety of wine-focused topics, what you’ll learn most is how to let wine wrap you in its embrace, whisper its secrets in your ear, and welcome you to its confederacy of aficionados.


“This book is a must-have for anyone who is even remotely into wine or wine-drinking. 50 Ways to Love Wine More is an easy-to-read book with simple ways to enhance the reader’s knowledge of wine. One aspect of the book that I immediately noticed and loved was the use of wine glass rings on several of the pages. That little ring that red wine makes on the table or napkin gives the book an authentic, warm feeling whether you are drinking while reading or not. The overall design was so thoughtfully laid out, with the rings and corks labeling each chapter along with the red wine accent color used for the page number borders. Jim Laughren does a wonderful job of teaching the reader about all aspects of wine, not only what to look for when tasting but also the history of wine and methods of wine-making.”

~ Kristi Elizabeth, Manhattan Book Review

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“Jim Laughren’s 50 Ways to Love Wine More: Adventures in Wine Appreciation is a fun and approachable guide to becoming more knowledgeable about buying, serving, and drinking wine. There’s no fug of elitism or pretension here; each of the fifty short chapters sets up a self-directed task that expounds on an aspect of wine history, grapes and regional wine types, aspects of viticulture and winemaking, and other related topics, making it easy to dip in and out. One could use the book as a solid wine appreciation course, plowing through it in linear fashion, or meander through it over time to pick up wine hints and tips as one’s social calendar and wine purse allows.”

~ Rachel Jagareski, Forward Reviews

Full Review

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About the Author:

Jim Laughren loves wine. And has for a very long time. He is a former importer and distributor of fine wines from around the world. He is also a Certified Wine Educator who has both taken and taught dozens of classes and seminars dealing with various aspects of wine and spirits.

But it’s sharing—with you!—that means the most to him. And it’s writing that allows him to share his knowledge, experience, and passion with all the people he’d love to meet but probably won’t have the chance to.

He has little use for the snobbery and condescension that have, somehow, become part of the world of wine. “Wine is a joy, a gift of the gods, bounty of the earth, and should be shared and celebrated. Whether someone is brand new to the wine scene or has many years of vinous pleasure at his or her back makes no difference.

“Wine, to me, is part of the human story. From Mesopotamia to the ancient lands of Egypt, Israel, Persia, Greece, or Rome, wine has been drunk and shared and influenced cultures and lives in ways we can only imagine.”

Known for his irreverent, fun-loving approach and abiding enthusiasm, his writings, whether in the pages of “A Beer Drinker’s Guide To Knowing & Enjoying Fine Wine,” “50 Ways to Love Wine More,” or the coming series of “Everything You Need to Know About Wine in 15 Minutes” is targeted squarely at the wine enthusiast with an open heart and curious mind.


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