Make Animals: Felt Arts from Japan by YOSHiNOBU

Were you to pick this book up without knowing anything about it, you might think, at first glance, it is a nature book. The beautiful Polar bear staring out from the front cover looks perfectly natural in a snowy environment. And as you page through the first fifty pages or so, you see many animals in nature, but occasional photographs hint at the fact that these are not animals in the wild. They are, in fact, beautiful little replicas of animals made by a technique called felting. The second half of the book gives detailed instructions about the tools necessary to create this new kind of art and the techniques used to make some of the animals shown in the book. For each project, there is a list of both the materials and the tools needed, as well as a diagram of the project in its actual size. This is followed by very detailed instructions written in easy-to-understand, conversational prose and with photographs showing every step of the process. Reading the text is like sitting in a room with author/artist Yoshinobu and having him demonstrate his process. This is a real winner. Don’t miss it!

Reviewed By: Rosi Hollinbeck


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