What is Man From the World of Ro and Mo by Rohan and Mohan Perera

What is Man From the World of Ro and Mo by Rohan and Mohan Perera

Story Summary:

Many of us experience today’s modern world in a duality of existence. Our lives are torn between feeling a desire for love and our struggle to be perfect and achieve acceptance. It can be difficult to find a voice of understanding or encouragement among these forces of conflict.

What Is Man! From the World of Ro and Mo understands this complexity of contemporary humanity and provides readers with a profoundly unique look at the word of Christ through a lens of modern science.

This fresh new perspective on Christ’s teachings—alongside powerful quotes from some of the greatest contemporary and historical minds—provides individuals with a brilliant light of hope in a world that is often shadowed in pain.

With lyrical analogies and metaphors that bring the teachings of Christ to life, What Is Man! is a must-read for anyone who is seeking the meaning of life in a world that often moves too quickly.

Written with a unique and stunningly beautiful perspective on what you can achieve in life while walking alongside Jesus, this book is the companion you’ve been looking for as you move through life on your spiritual journey.

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Seattle Book Review 4 Stars

“Existence is awareness – consciousness. Nothing exists to the unaware.” What does it mean to be aware of our existence? Rohan and Mohan Perera explore this question by dissecting what it means to be enlightened, what it means to love, and how light signifies existence. Using the world of science, they explore Christ’s teachings and analyze the complex state of humanity.

What is Man is unique, for it takes science and what society understands and uses spiritual exploration to explain how to obtain God’s love. The writing is intelligent,well laid out, and well researched, with every point strongly supported with an array of examples ranging from Bible verses to the work of famous figures such as Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, and Buddha. Sigmund Freud is often referenced with the use of the ego and superego, supporting how spiritual existence is conscious and unconscious. These examples support every argument concisely and allow a connection to form by using examples from famous figures.

They use these scientific theories with a spiritual lens: “the ego attaches itself to the body and becomes the body.” It’s sophisticated and eloquent but uses easy-to-understand examples that aren’t patronizing and instead steer you into deeper thinking, clearly hoping to start a discussion. The style is passionate and vocal, and they never shy away from their thoughts, writing, for example, that “this world that is motivated by greed.”

They strive to maintain easy-to-understand language with clear explanations that sufficiently flow together. The language is elegant, forms a unique perspective, and contains several metaphors throughout. Their goal is to encourage others to dig deeper than what’s on the surface, with the goal of helping others to find peace, which has to come from the “wisdom in you.” This book successfully dives deeper past the surface and explores love in an attempt to understand it, but it also lists different avenues for how to process love: from Christ’s love for mankind to selfish love to romantic love to love as a complex emotion.

What is Man is aimed at those seeking answers about purpose and love, striving to lead them to a greater peace. This isn’t a light novel; it’s for those wanting to think, to gain an analytical understanding of love. What is Man states that scientists “study the material aspects of the world and life” but encourages you to look deeper than this, to open up to all possibilities.

Reviewed By: Elizabeth Konkel


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